DigitalShero MediaPlatform is the answer to an increased demand in cross-platform, digital solutions and the need for a unique, 360-degree, client-centric delivery. We treat each client as an individual – no pre-defined boxes!

As programmatic advertising experts, every brand’s multi-facetted and often very particular requirements are highly important to us. Hence, we’ll always look for a ‘between-the-gap’ angle to provide you with a smooth – but sharp – solution.


DigitalShero MediaPlatform has built an extensive library of ‘focused audience solutions’ based on consumers’ interests, behaviour patterns and demographics. We have contacts across a large base of reputable publishing platforms – from news, sport, finance, lifestyle and entertainment – so your campaign goes beyond the hit-and-run click-bait clutter, creating a quality experience without wasting anyone’s time. You can even have an automated wish list of all the platforms you’d like your campaign to be associated with and a no-go zone, to ensure your ad never ends up next to undesirable content.

“We adopt all our brands and only release targeted and highly effective audience-centric campaigns which always yield amazing results on all platforms – mobile, tablet, video and PC.”


It’s the perfect balance between human input and tailored automation, making the advertising process efficient but affordable. Today’s technology is also super specific – you can choose how to deliver your content (i.e. high-definition rich content or HD interactive video), where to deliver it (geo-targeting), when to deliver it (not at 2am in the morning, but when your audience’s attention is at a high) and – perhaps most importantly – you can choose what you want to deliver. Through content-relevant keywording, you can find out exactly what your user is interested in, and make sure your product is inserted when the iron is hot.


Multiple Platforms
We’ll extend your solution to all relevant digital devices, so no opportunity is missed.

Mobile | Web | AppAds
To catch your target audience in the right moment, we build a specialised advertising solution for mobile browsers and all app-based advertising.

Digital Visual Interface

Whether your user has a PC, Mac or Android device, desktop computer or tablet, and is using Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome or Firefox, we make sure your campaign flows seamlessly across all platforms.

Audiences are increasingly moving away from traditional TV to web-based audio-visual channels such as YouTube for their daily entertainment. Our solution package thus includes video – a short and enticing clip is a great way of getting your user’s attention within a matter of seconds.