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Peter Namwewe – an asylum seeker from Malawi – has had pain throughout his body for almost 10 years. Thinking it was caused by a traffic collision, he went from hospital to hospital, but only recently received a diagnosis: muscular dystrophy, a degenerative, hereditary disease. But the doctors said they can’t help him unless he renews his asylum seeker permit, which expired in 2014. Namwewe can’t renew it because he first applied in Johannesburg.

Following the Department of Home Affairs’ decision to close the Cape Town Refugee Reception Office (CTRRO) in 2014, officials are currently turning asylum seekers away who didn’t make their initial application in Cape Town. GroundUp reported that the reasons are that the high number of applicants are a public nuisance, and that most of them are economic migrants, not genuine asylum seekers.

He told his story to The Daily Vox.

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