For Africa is a Country.


“Women, for long you’ve been preached over; preserved for one purpose of giving birth,” is a line from Sistah Anela’s song “Zivume” on the compilation, Words of a Rebel Sistah. It supports her stance on the oppression of women: if something isn’t accommodating, it needs to be challenged.

Words of a Rebel Sistah was an initiative by South African anti-capitalist hip hop collective Soundz of the South (SOS) to record a CD focusing on women’s struggles and a prelude to The Rebel Sistah Cypha; a monthly, females-only platform for conscious spoken word, hip hop and live music. It started off at Moholo Live House in Khayelitsha, but now takes place at the Community House in Salt River, a suburb close to Cape Town’s city centre. The goal is to create a counter-culture; one that exemplifies a society in which women are liberated and all forms of oppression are eradicated.

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